In using LRS Dog Services, clients understand and agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions.

Before any service takes place, the client will be asked to sign forms, indicating that they understand and agree to the terms and conditions.

Failure to comply with the following terms and conditions will result in the termination of the contract between the client, and LRS Dog Services.


1.1: The client agrees not to feed their dog within the hour before the appointment. This will help minimise the risk of bloat.

1.2: All dogs must be up to date on their vaccines, kennel cough booster, and flea and worm treatments.

1.3: You must disclose any information regarding ailments or illness before using any services.

1.4: Please leave your dog's collar and tag for your dog to wear. If this is not possible, we will provide one containing our details.

1.5: If you would like your dog walked on a long line, please make sure that you leave a good fitting harness for your dog to wear.

1.6: If your dog will be group walked, they must be well behaved, have a good level of recall, be non-aggressive towards other dogs, and carry no contagious diseases.

1.7: You must indicate whether your dog has any aggression issues, with other animals or people.

1.8: It is your responsibility to disclose any information that could be harmful to the health and welfare of other dogs and people, in the form of aggression or diseases.

Please note: for any dog to leave the house with us, it is a legal requirement for them to be microchipped, and wearing a collar and tag with correct and up to date details.


2.1: When making a bulk booking for any service (more than one per week), the client agrees to pay for the full week on the first day that we attend.

2.2: Failure to pay for the full week will result in the cancellation of the rest of your bookings, unless an alternative agreement has been arranged.

2.3: Keys must be provided, or access arranged to the dog for your appointment. Failure to do so will lead to the cancellation of that day's booking, and the client will be liable for full payment of the service.

2.4: All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before your confirmed appointment. Failure to give this notice will mean that the client is liable for full payment.

2.5: Giving 24 hours notice for a cancellation will ensure that the client will receive a full refund for the service, or the payment can be rolled over to the next week.


3.1: LRS Dog Services reserves the right to cancel or change any services that may bring harm to your animal(s), should the weather be too hot or cold.

3.2: Should the temperature reach 20°C, we will not offer any walks over 30 minutes.

3.3: If the temperature exceeds 23°C, no walks will be offered at all. This service will instead be replaced with a home visit.

3.4: Obese dogs or Brachycephalic breeds (such as Pugs, Shih Tzus, Bulldogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, or any other flat-faced breed) will under no circumstances be walked in temperatures exceeding 20°C.

3.5: If your work day gets cancelled due to adverse weather or snow and ice, you will receive an immediate refund (no 24 hour cancellation policy).

3.6: If it is no longer safe for us to work due to adverse weather or snow and ice, we reserve the right to cancel all services.

3.7. It is your responsibility to provide a well fitting fleece or coat for the winter months should your dog struggle with the cold weather.


4.1: LRS Dog Services reserves the right to refuse any service or terminate the contract with the client at any given time.

4.2: The client is liable for the full cost of any vet fees incurred for any illness or injury obtained whilst in the care of LRS Dog Services.

4.3: The client authorises LRS Dog Services to seek veterinary advice and treatment, with any practice, if deemed necessary.

4.4: The client accepts full liability for any loss or damage caused by your dog whilst in the care of LRS Dog Services.

4.5: The client accepts that LRS Dog Services are not held accountable for any third party vets fees or claims whilst your dog is in our care.

4.6: The client authorises the use of photos taken of their animal(s) for advertising, and on social media platforms.

5.1: To clean up after, and appropriately dispose of any mess made by the dogs in our care.

5.2: To keep dogs under proper control at all times in line with the Dangerous Dogs Act (1991) and The Dogs Act (1871).

5.3: To make ourselves aware of and comply with all current laws and bylaws relating to dogs.

5.4: To ensure that every dog walked by us wears a collar with a tag inscribed with the details of its owner, or LRS Dog Services.

5.5: To provide appropriate insurance cover for the services offered.

5.6: To only exercise 4 client dogs at any one time.

5.7: Not to walk dogs off lead without the written consent of the owner.

5.8: To ensure that dogs are adequately contained/crated within vehicles to ensure safe transportation.

5.9: To have the best interests and safety of your dog(s) as our first priority.